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Ardent Eagle Solutions works with commercial and government entities, seamlessly providing the core services that keep your projects running successfully.

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Staffing any program places unique and urgent requirements on a company’s organic recruiting resources.

Since inception, AES has successfully identified and vetted hard-to-find, highly-trained, and technically-qualified personnel to support commercial entities and deployed U.S. Forces.


program and Project Management

Implementing processes and managing deadlines, our experts can ensure your project moves forward.

Financial and Cost Analysis

Whether considering new systems, or business longevity, we can provide analysis in line with your needs and goals.

Human Resources and Workforce Development

We can help you retain, manage, or grow your most valuable resource: employees.

Contracts, Acquisition, and Procurement Support

Let AES experts take responsibility for the procurement, administration, and closeout of all contracts and other acquisition instruments.

Knowledge Management

By developing organizational objectives inline with company goals, we can help your business recognize & encourage growth.

Configuration and Change Control

Continuous evaluation of all project resources and coordination of any changes will save precious time and money.

professional services

Ardent Eagle Solutions has developed a high-fidelity, repeatable process that provides exceptional staff at military locations throughout the world. We are now working with commercial entities to provide the same services.  

When your need experienced Subject Matter Experts to move your project forward, to ensure the stability of your business, or to manage and improve your workforce, AES can help.  This history of our success is a testament not only to our superior vetting process when screening potential candidates but also to our Program Management skills and our employee engagement, which ensure detailed communication and coordination to manage for attrition.

AES consistently receives very high grades for contract performance, including manning levels.

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