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Ardent Eagle Solutions is a leading subject matter expert on the ingestion and management of data sets within the U.S. Intelligence Community. For years, we have provided real-world solutions and offerings for our customers to work their data in an operationally high-tempo environment.

Develop Automated Data Loading and Processing

Developing and maintaining automated data loading processes, procedures, and authorization best practices.


Requirements Analysis and Project Management

Documentation of workflow, recording and updating processes and procedures documentation.

Lead Data Migration and Validation Activities

Developing systems to efficiently map data, create data normalization, and correctly remove duplicate entries.

Develop and Manage Data Metrics

Setting up metrics and the process for managing them ensures that everyone is on the path to success.

Software development

Architecture and development based on the organization’s necessity, from conception through testing.

DATA analysis

Performing data analysis
to avoid the bottleneck
of transfer and ensure
data that can ultimately
be accurately indexed.

intelligence & data ingest

The process of intelligence gathering and data ingest is simple in theory but requires specific project management skills to ensure the process is seamless, and the data is ultimately indexed correctly. Ardent Eagle Solutions has extensive experience developing software specific to client needs so that the data process can be automated. Our expert employees work with customers’ varied and disparate data sources and transform it into mission-critical intelligence so our clients, in turn, can work with data seamlessly, securely, and without interruption to daily operations.

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