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Working with Federal Agencies and Commercial Enterprises, Ardent Eagle Solutions provides services that keep our nation safer and more profitable. Scroll down for more information.

Intelligence & Data Ingest

The process of intelligence gathering and data ingest is simple in theory but requires specific project management skills to ensure the process is seamless, and the data is ultimately indexed correctly.

Ardent Eagle Solutions has extensive experience developing software specific to client needs so that the data process can be automated. Our proprietary fail-safe techniques have allowed customers to gather intelligence and transfer that data seamlessly, securely, and without interruption to daily operations

Information Technology

Ardent Eagle Solutions has been providing IT Services to Federal Agencies and corporate entities since our inception.

Our ability to undertake your project as our own stems from our experience. Whether you are looking for operational assistance or transformational services, we are ready to get started as soon as you are.

Force Protection

Ardent Eagle Solutions provides real-time, reliable communications to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies. Our solutions are tailored to each agency’s specific needs and provide the opportunity to notify all necessary audiences of critical events, as they happen and throughout the emergency, regardless of physical location.

Our services stretch from installation and project management of notification systems to testing and monitoring for reliability, as well as updates and maintenance. And, in the unfortunate event of an emergency, we are able to provide tracking, reporting, and other mission-critical insights.

Professional Services

Staffing any program, especially for combat zones, places unique and urgent requirements on a company’s organic recruiting resources. Since inception, Ardent Eagles Solutions has successfully identified and vetted hard-to-find, highly-trained, and technically-qualified personnel to support deployed U.S. Forces, whether for OCONUS/ combat locations or CONUS. We have mastered the ability to staff personnel who possess security clearances and are willing to deploy upon hire.


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?

We work with civilian organizations to provide IT Services and Professional Services as well as the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and other Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies for IT, Professional, Force Protection, and Intelligence solutions

Where do you work?

We have offices in Tampa, Florida and the Washington DC area, but our employees are deployed throughout the United States and abroad.

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